Boxing county library has a long history and abundant collection. It is one of the earliest public libraries in Binzhou. Boxing county library was founded in the 8 years of the Republic of China (1919), with built in popular talk inside; in 19 years (1930) into the mass education Museum; in 25 years (1936) independence hall, said Boxing County Public library. After the destruction of war, the collection of books destroyed by war. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, the Boxing county set up a library in 1950, which was attached to the Boxing County Cultural Center. In 1976, the library and cultural museum were separated, and the Boxing county library was officially built independently. At present, the county library is located in No. five Bo culture square, in 1999 by the county Party committee and government investment in the construction and put into use in October 1, 2001, building area of 3300 square meters, is a national class institutions, belonging to the Boxing County Cultural Tourism Bureau of press and publication, in 2004 through the national public library organized by Ministry of culture evaluation and acceptance, was rated as the National Public Library National Museum two. In January 2010, in the fourth national public library evaluation and rating, the Ministry of culture has been named the National Public Library national first-class museum. In the same year, it was named "the favorite Library of readers in Shandong"". In 2013, in the Fifth National Public Library Evaluation and rating, the Ministry of culture has been named the National Public Library national first-class museum. In the same year, he was awarded the "advanced unit of ancient books protection in Shandong" by the Shandong Provincial Department of culture".

Boxing county library has complete facilities, sound system and good service. Inside the library room two, periodicals reading room, electronic reading room, multimedia room, reading room, visually impaired children's activity center, local literature rooms, information centers, editing room and other business department, no annual holiday to provide free services for readers.

In order to further promote the free opening of the public library service, library always adhere to the "reader first, service first" principle, careful planning, careful organization, the service measures take the media publicity and propaganda materials and other effective ways to promote library community in the news media, "Boxing today", "Binzhou Daily" propaganda library free open policy, expanding the social impact of public libraries, to attract more readers to use the public library literature and information resources of the network, has carried out compulsory monthly to village community to send books, not regularly carry out children's prize essay activities, grassroots counseling, painting and calligraphy exhibition, organized lectures, services and other forms of publicity week the service activities, so that more people understand the function and role of the library, to attract the masses away Enter the library and enjoy the public cultural services provided by the government.

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